Western White Pines




Sometimes it seems like country has forgotten its wild roots – or least outgrown them, changing as  it has to reflect an ever-evolving world. Then there’s a guy like Colby Acuff. 

A fourth generation Idaho native with a rugged spirit true to his mountain home, honest-to-a-fault  lyrics and a sound as raw as the remote wilderness, Acuff’s untamed brand of country stands  proudly apart in today’s format, pure and untouched by modern gimmicks. 

Self-taught and largely self-contained, he’s already used it to find success on his own terms – and  with new major-label backing from Sony Music Nashville, plans to do the same nationwide. … Just  don’t expect him to follow the pack. 

“If you wanna do something right, you’ve gotta do it yourself,” Acuff says, speaking with the  hardscrabble charm of an old-soul troubadour...



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